IBMBB is the only Sri Lankan institute dedicated to postgraduate training and human resource development in Molecular Life Sciences. These programmes give the students the opportunity to carry out individual mentored research projects in the context of cutting-edge research and development in Biological Sciences and Plant Molecular Biology.

IBMBB conducts three Master of Science programmes which have a taught component and a research component. These include MSc in Molecular Life Sciences, MSc in Cellular and Molecular Immunology which are of three semester duration and MSc in Bioinformatics which is of four semester duration. These are full time fee-leviying courses.

MPhil/PhD programmes based on research programmes conducted at the IBMBB are also full time courses. Short courses include a Certificate Course in Molecular Biological Techniques, Certificate Course in Cell Culture Techniques, Workshops in HPLC and Separation Techniques, Certificate Course in Immunological Techniques, and Workshops on Bioinformatics