IBMBB is one of the institutes recognized for hosting Commonwealth Scholars by the Association of Commonwealth Universities. MSc in Molecular Life Sciences and MSc in Cellular & Molecular Immunology programmes offered by IBMBB will admit Commonwealth Scholars through the Ministry of Higher Education, Sri Lanka.

Those who wish to apply (Foreign Applicants Only) for 2019 MSc programmes at IBMBB, may apply for Commonwealth Scholarships 2018/2019.

Apply for the scholarship. ( )

Also you must separately apply for MSc programmes at IBMBB at the same time by following link. To fill the form please log in with a google account.

Apply for MSc Programmes (Foreign Applicants only)


The selection process which includes screening for required academic qualifications and online selection test will be conducted after receiving your application for MSc programmes at IBMBB.

Applicants will be selected based on required academic qualifications will be requested for an online selection test.

Online selection test will be conducted to selected the eligible candidates to follow the MSc programs.

  • The test has twoparts, MCQ and essay type.
  • Part two of the test is a general topic to write an essay.
  • Duration of the test is 2.5 hours.

For more information regarding the online test will communicated after receiving applications and when the examination is scheduled.

Only applicants with required qualifications and those who passed the online selection test will be eligible to follow the MSc programs at IBMBB.

Therefore offer letters are not provided before being eligible to follow the course and offer letters are not required to apply for the scholarships.